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Chris Pollett's Master's Students and Undergraduate Research Students

Working with me

If you are interested in working with me on a master's project please send me an e-mail to schedule an appointment. I prefer to take on students who have taken at least one class with me and have done well in that class. You can refer to the past projects below to gauge the subject matters on which I advise projects. Please look at the [My Guidelines/Templates] link for more of the operational details of doing a project with me.

Students starting in Fall 23.

Ivan Hernandez: Integrating ChatGPT with A-Frame for User-Driven 3D Modeling.

Venkata Satya Swathi Mattaparthi: Clustering Organ Cell Types via Machine Learning Techniques.

Mayuri Shimpi: Credit score based lending system on Ethereum Platform .

Ajita Shrivastava: Building Lean, Standalone Web Servers and Routing Engines.

Students starting in Spring 23.

Gargi Sheguri: Enhancing the Queueing Process for Yioop's Scheduler. (Finished Dec, 2023 -- 2 Semesters)

Aarsh Patel: Evaluating the Performance of NoSQL and Time-Series Databases using TSBS. (Finished Dec, 2023 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 22.

Rushikesh Padia: Implementing a Robust Cache System for the Open Source Search Engine Yioop. (Finished May, 2023 -- 2 Semesters)

Prajna Puranik: Enhancing the Security of the Yioop Discussion Board. (Finished May, 2023 -- 2 Semesters)

Sneh Kothari: Shoe AR Reconstruction. (Finished May, 2023 -- 2 Semesters)

Ajinkya Rajguru: High-Performance Distributed Filesystem based on Block-chain. (Finished May, 2023 -- 2 Semesters)

Yu-Tang (Thomas) Shen: Document-Level Machine Translation with Hierarchical Attention. (Finished May, 2023 -- 2 Semesters)

Ayan Singh: Navigating Classic Atari Games with Deep Learning. (Finished May, 2023 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 22.

Parth Patel: Improving User Experiences for Wiki Systems. (Finished Dec, 2022 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 21.

Justin Chang: Faking Sensor Noise Information. (Finished May, 2022 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 21.

Ishaan Aggarwal: High Performance Document Store Implementation in Rust. (Finished Dec, 2021 -- 2 Semesters)

David Bui: Node.js based Document Key Store for Web Crawling. (Finished Dec, 2021 -- 2 Semesters)

Anirudh Mallya: Generalising the Traditional Wiki Systems to New Media Page Formats. (Finished Dec, 2021 -- 2 Semesters)

Michaela Molina: Implementing and Testing Three Lattice-Based Cryptosystems in Rust. (Finished Dec, 2021 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 20.

Shreya Satish Bhajikaye: Translating Natural Languages to SPARQL Query Language for RDF based Question Answering System. (Finished May, 2021 -- 2 Semesters)

Akshay Kajale: Visual and Lingual Emotional Recognition using Deep Learning Techniques. (Finished May, 2021 -- 2 Semesters)

Charulata Lodha: I'm there for you - Sign Language Assistant. (Finished May, 2021 -- 2 Semesters)

Bhumika K. Matharu: Detecting and Predicting Visual Affordance of objects in a given environment. (Finished May, 2021 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 20.

Pratikkumar Prajapati: Quantifying Deep Fake Detection Accuracy for a Variety of Natural Settings. (Finished Dec, 2020 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 19.

Parnika De: Housing Market Crash Prediction Using Machine Learning and Historical Data (Finished May, 2020 -- 2 Semesters)

Neha Gaikwad: Compare word2vec with hash2vec for Word Sense Disambiguation on Wikipedia Corpus (Finished May, 2020 -- 2 Semesters)

Xuesong Luo: An AI for a Modification of Dou Di Zhu (Finished May, 2020 -- 2 Semesters)

Harita Shroff: AI Quantification of Language Puzzle to Language Learning Generalization. (Finished May, 2020 -- 2 Semesters)

Forrest Sun: Improved Chinese Language Processing for an Open Source Search Engine (Finished May, 2020 -- 2 Semesters)

Lei Zhang: GAN-based Photo Video Synthesis. (Finished May, 2020 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 19.

Tim Chow: Improved User News Feed Customization for an Open Source Search Engine. (Finished May, 2020 -- 3 Semesters)

Riti Gupta: Image-based Localization of User-Interfaces. (Finished Dec, 2019 -- 2 Semesters)

Yaoyan Xi: Crowd-sourcing Data for Autonomous Driving and Applying It.

Students starting in Fall 18.

Kunal Deshmukh: Image Compression using Neural Networks. (Finished May, 2019 -- 2 Semesters)

Siddharth Kulkarni: AI Assisted User Interface Development. (Finished May, 2019 -- 2 Semesters)

Bao Pham: AI Dining Suggestion App. (Finished May, 2019 -- 2 Semesters)

Samuel Ordonia: Detecting Cars in a Parking Lot using Deep Learning. (Finished May, 2019 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 18.

Yangcha Ho: A WebRTC VideoChat Application for an Open Source Wiki System. (Finished May, 2019 -- 3 Semesters)

Ujjawal Garg: Rock Wall Climbing AI. (Finished Dec, 2018 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 17.

Gaurav Gupta: Improved Hands-free Text Entry System. (Finished May, 2018 -- 2 Semesters)

Bo Li: Text Passage to Poetry Converter. (Finished May, 2018 -- 2 Semesters)

Avinash More: Image to LaTeX via Neural Networks. (Finished May, 2018 -- 2 Semesters)

Yunxuan Shi: Quantum Hamiltonian Experiments. (Finished Spring, 2019 -- 4 Semesters)

Vasudha Venkatesh: Android Deshredder App. (Finished May, 2018 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 17.

Priyatha Abraham: Scrabble AI Game. (Finished Dec, 2017 -- 2 Semesters)

Qiao Liu: Word Sense Determination From Wikipedia Data Using A Neural Net. (Finished Dec, 2017 -- 2 Semesters)

Tina Philip: "Bluff" using AI. (Finished Dec, 2017 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 16.

Sonal Kabra: A Neural Net Stock Trend Predictor. (Finished May, 2017 -- 2 Semesters)

Harika Nukala: A Chatbot API for Yioop. (Finished May, 2017 -- 2 Semesters)

Sarika Padmashali: An Open Source Discussion Group Recommendation System. (Finished May, 2017 -- 2 Semesters)

Pragya Rana: Adding Differential Privacy to an Open Source Discussion Board System. (Finished May, 2017 -- 2 Semesters)

Salil Shenoy: Improving an Open Source Question Answering System. (Finished Dec, 2017 -- 3 Semesters)

Shivika Sodhi: AI for Classic Video Games Using Reinforcement Learning. (Finished May, 2017 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 16.

Charles Bocage: (CS 280) Content Management System Detection in the Yioop Search Engine. (Finished May, 2016 -- 1 Semester)

Zayd Hammoudeh: A Jigsaw Puzzle Problem Solver. (Finished Dec, 2016 -- 2 Semesters)

Yashi Kamboj: Handling Relationships in a Wiki System.(Finished Dec, 2016 -- 2 Semesters)

Manodivya Kathiravan: Web-based Office Markets.(Finished May, 2017 -- 3 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 15.

David Smith: Script Shot List Generator. (Finished May, 2016 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 15.

Charles Bocage: Experiments with and Implementation of a Context Sensitive Text Summarizer. (Finished May, 2016 -- 3 Semesters)

Geetika Garg: Neural net Captcha Cracker. (Finished Dec, 2015 -- 2 Semesters)

Radha Kotipalli: Processing Posting Lists Using OpenCL. (Finished May, 2016 -- 3 Semesters)

Niravkumar Patel: A Question Answering System for an Open Source Search Engine. (Finished Dec, 2015 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 14.

Kuldeep Dhole: Adaptive Clustering in Search Engines.(Did not finish)

Pooja Mishra: Scalable Search Engine Aggregator. (Finished May, 2015 -- 2 Semester)

Sreenidhi Pundi Muralidharan: On-the-fly Tile Generator for Open Street Map Data Using WebGL. (Finished Dec, 2015 -- 3 Semesters)

Pushkar Umaranikar: An Open Source Ad Server. (Finished May, 2015 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 14.

Tim Chen: An MP3-based Currency System. (Finished Dec, 2014 -- 2 Semesters)

Xiaqing He: A Javascript EPub Reader Web Application. (Finished Dec, 2015 -- 4 Semesters)

Aaron Jensen: Cuda Based Radiosity Engine. (CS180H) (Finished May, 2014 -- 1 Semester)

Sreenidhi Pundi Muralidharan: Experiments with Language-bassed CAPTCHA Systems. (Finished May, 2014 -- 1 Semester)

Eswara Rajesh Pinapala: A Content-Sensistive Wiki Help System. (Finished Dec, 2014 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 13.

Mangesh Dahale: Text Summarization for Compressed Inverted Indexes and Snippets. (Finished May, 2014 -- 2 Semesters)

Shailesh Padave: Incorporating WordNet in an Information Retrieval System. (Finished May, 2014 -- 2 Semesters)

Akash Patel: Incorporating Privacy and Security Features in an Open Source Search Engine. (Finished May, 2014 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 13.

Frank Chan: Concurrent Multi-crawl System.

Snigdha Parvatneni: Introducing Source-code Searching Capability in Yioop. (Finished Dec, 2013 -- 2 Semesters)

Mallika Perepa: Access control in a Social Networking Environment. (Finished Dec, 2013 -- 2 Semesters)

Viet Trinh: San Jose State University Building Editor. (Finished Dec, 2013 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 12.

Akshat Kukreti: Yioop! Full Historical Indexing in Cache Navigation. (Finished May, 2013 -- 2 Semesters)

Shawn Tice: User-parameterized classification of web pages. (Finished May, 2013 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 12.

Josh Newth: Return to Neverhood.(Finished May, 2013 -- 3 Semesters)

Shawn Tice (CS280 Project): Distributed Web Archive Crawling. (Finished May, 2012)

Sandhya Vissapragada: Yioop! Introducing Autosuggest and Spell Check. (Finished Dec, 2012 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 11.

Nakul Natu: Javascript Game Engine for Mobile Devices using HTML 5. (Finished Dec, 2012 -- 3 Semesters)

Vijeth Patil: Keyword Search in Social Networks. (Finished May, 2012 -- 2 Semesters)

Tanmayee Potluri: Extending Yioop! Abilities to Search the Invisible Web. (Finished Dec, 2012 -- 3 Semesters)

Tarun Pepira Ramaswamy: Improving Yioop! User Search Data Usage. (Finished Oct, 2012 -- 2.5 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 11.

Vijaya Sinha: Extending Yioop! with Geographical Location Local Search. (Finished April, 2012 -- 3 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 10.

Ravi Dhillon: Improving the BM25F algorithm for use with OPIC-based crawlers. (Finished May, 2012 -- 4 Semesters)

Darshan Karia: Fulltext Indexing for Heritrix.(Finished May, 2012 -- 4 Semesters)

Vijaya Pamidi: SmartSearch: A Firefox Add-on to Compute a Web Traffic Ranking. (Finished May, 2011 -- 2 Semesters)

Chao-Hsin Shih: Augmented-Life Phone Organizer (ALPO).(Finished Dec., 2011 -- 3 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 10.

Deepti Bhardwaj: Model-Controller Interfacing using Struts-Based Web Application. (Finished May, 2011 -- 3 Semesters)

Priya Gangaraju: Recipe Suggestion Tool(Finished May., 2011 -- 3 Semesters)

Youn Kim: Text Summarization (Finished Dec., 2011 -- 5 Semesters)

Tejasvi Palvai: Web-based IDE for interfacing Model View Using Struts (Finished Dec., 2010 -- 2 Semesters)

Sowmya Sampath: One Social. (Finished Dec., 2010 -- 2 Semesters)

Swathi Vegesna: Web based IDE for view component of web pages in Cake PHP. (Finished Dec., 2010 -- 2 Semesters)

Sugi Widjaja: Web-based IDE for Controller Component of Web pages in CakePHP (Finished Dec., 2010 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 09.

Sujata Dongre: Japanese Kanji Suggestion Tool. (Finished Dec., 2010 -- 3 Semesters)

Shengyu (Kelly) Li: Food Menu Phone Application.(Finished May 20, 2010 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Spring 09.

Jignesh Borisa: Extending OWL with Finite Automata Constraints.(Finished Dec., 2010 -- 4 Semesters)

Sriram Krishnan (CS280 Project): Web Replacement for Powerpoint.(Finished May, 2009.)

Gaurang Patel: Automated Article Generation Using the Web.(Finished Dec., 2009 -- 2 Semesters)

Students starting in Fall 08.

Ramya Karri: Client-side Page Element Web Caching.(Finished May 7, 2009 -- 2 semesters.)

Students starting in Spring08.

Sapna Blesson: Online Video Chatting Tool. (Finished May 20, 2009 -- 3 semesters.)

Farzana Forhad: Enhancing open-source localization.(Finished May 20, 2010 -- 5 Semesters)

Neel Parikh: Accelerometer based motion gestures for mobile devices. (Finished Dec 17, 2008 -- 2 semesters.)

Smita Periyapatna: Total recall for Ajax Applications.(Finished May 15, 2009 -- 3 semesters.)

Chandrika Satyavolu: Algorithms to obtain a total order from partial orders for social networks. (Finished Dec 17, 2008 -- 2 semesters.)

Anand Sivaramakrishnan: Online collaborative time management system using artificial intelligence. (Finished Dec 15, 2008 -- 2 semesters.)

Students starting in Fall07.

Sheetal Naidu: Bookmarklet Builder for Offline Data Retrieval.(Finished May 24, 2010 -- 4 Semesters + 1 baby)

Vijay Rao: Web Mashup Builder as a Firefox Plug-in. (Finished May 15, 2008 -- 2 semesters.)

Students starting in Fall06.

Supriya Basani: Improving Chess Program Encoding Schemes. (Finished May 21, 2007 -- 2 semesters.)

Preethi Vishwanath: Efficient Replication of XML Documents with BLOB data. (Finished May 11, 2007 -- 2 semesters.)

Long Vuong: Enhancing Viewability of Images of Text in PDF in Mobile Devices. (Incomplete lasped.)

Students starting in Spring06.

Chao Liang: A Student Self-Grading System. (Graduated via CS288 exam before completing project.)

Khang Nguyen: Enhancing XML Support in PostgreSQL. (Incomplete lasped.)

Nithin Reddy: Shortest Meeting Point in a Game Framework. (Gave up on project due to work elsewhere.)

Students starting in Fall05.

Ru Chen: XML for video games. (Gave up on project due to work elsewhere.)

Aarathi Raghu: Fast algorithm for data mining. (Finished. Jan. 10, 2007. Three semesters.)

Students starting in Spring05.

Joshua Neal: (Undergraduate, CS180H) Enhancing and Porting the Pop Framework. (Project ended? May. 2005. - received incomplete.)

Wallun Chan: Recognition and Age Prediction with Digital Images of Missing Children. (Finished. Dec. 14, 2005.Two semesters.)

Students starting in Fall04.

Cathy Block: (Undergraduate, CS180) Resolution Theorem Proving Experiments. (Project ended. Dec. 2004. - More work could still be done.)

Leo Lee: Adaptive Behavior for Fighting Game Characters (Finished. May 24, 2005. Two semesters.)

Qian Li: ASH - A Scheduler for HOAs. (Finished. Sept. 26, 2005. Two semesters + summer.)

Students starting in Spring04.

Shivani Hashia: Authentication by Mouse Movements. (Finished. Dec 9, 2004. Two semesters.)

An Nguyen: Schemes to make Aries and XML work in harmony. (Finished. Feb 11, 2005. Two semesters.)

Xunyan Yang: Media Applets and Tunneling Applets. (Went back to China before completion)

Yun Zhou: USB Key Profile Manager for Mozilla. (Finished. Dec 16, 2004. Two semesters.)

Students starting in Fall03.

James Keesey: (Undergraduate, 1 Unit, CS180) CFG based file compression. (Finished. Dec. 8, 2003).

Julie Nabong: Stylesheet translations of SVG to VML. (Finished. May 26, 2004. Two semesters.)

Madhuri Potu: Paperful to Paperless Office forms Integration Framework. (Finished. May 24, 2004. Two semesters.)

Rekha Vaddepalli: Distributed Gaming using J2ME and XML. (Finished. Nov 18, 2004. Three semesters.)

Students starting in Spring03.

Padmini Paladugu: Distributed Gaming using XML. (Finished. June, 2004. Three semesters.)

Students starting in Fall02.

Xin Chen: Quantum Threshold Gate Simulator. (Finished. April, 2003. Two semesters.)

Yan Yao: Feasible C++. (Finished. Dec 15, 2004. Two semesters + Three Semesters Incomplete + 1 baby.)

Students starting in Spring02.

Jie Wei Lin: 3D Web Graphics without Plugins using VML. (Finished: June, 2003. Three semesters.)

Namon Nuttayasakul: LaTeX and MathML without Plugins using VML and SVG. (Finished. Feb, 2003. Two semesters.)

Harini Rao: A Simple Interface for Nonstandard Knowledge Systems (SINKS).(Finished: Dec, 2003. Three semesters + one semester incomplete.)

Paungkaew Sangtrakulcharoen: 3D Graphics without Plugins using SVG. (Finished. Dec, 2002. Two semesters.)

Michelle Yuan: Transmitting Avatar Emotions over the Web. (Finished. Feb, 2004. Three semesters + one baby.)