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Cathy Block's Bio

I'm an undergraduate working on a degree in Computer Science. I transferred to San Jose State University in Fall of 2002. I enjoy programming and also like more theoretical aspects of computer science. My favorite courses have been Data Structures and Algorithms, Formal Languages and Computability, Programming Paradigms, and Combinatorics. I particularly enjoyed programming a semantic interpreter for a Scheme-like grammar. I expect to graduate fall of 2004 and am planning on applying to PhD programs in Computer Science.

Prior to attending San Jose State, I worked as an interactive developer at Red Sky Interactive. I led production teams and did Flash programming on projects for Nike, Miller Brewing, and Kodak. I also taught in-house and developed courses in graphics and Flash programming for producers and engineers. I became very familiar with production process methodology as the co-author of the Red Sky process and file management guidelines.

While at times it seems like I live in the SJSU library, Iím actually a resident of San Francisco, where I live with my two dogs. Iím an avid bicycle commuter and get lots done while riding CalTrain.