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    [C297 Proposal]

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    [Deliverable 3]

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    [CS297 Report (PDF)]

    [Paper 1: A-Frame Virtual Reality (PDF)]

    [Paper 2: ChatGPT - Fundamentals and Applications (PDF)]

    [Paper 3: ChatGPT Consistency (PDF)]

    [Paper 4: VR Voice Interaction (PDF)]

    [C298 Proposal]

    [CS298 - Deliverable 1]

    [CS298 - Deliverable 2]

    [CS298 - Deliverable 3]

    [CS298 - Deliverable 4]

    [CS298 Report (PDF)]

    [CS298 Presentation (PDF)]

    [CS298 - Code (ZIP)]


Hi, my name is Ivan Hernandez, and I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Computer Science at San Jose State University. My interests concentrate on Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence. In my free time, I typically enjoy working out, listening to music, and watching shows or movies.