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    [CS 297 Proposal]

    [Del-1: Base classes for Bluff]

    [Del-2: Human only Bluff]

    [Del-3: Simple AI player]

    [Del-4: Presentation on Poker AI players]

    [Del-5: CS297 Report_PDF]

    [CS 298 Proposal]

    [CS 298 Report_PDF]

    [CS 298 Slides_PDF]



I am Tina Philip, a final year, graduate student in Computer Science at San Jose State University. I have taken courses like Information Retrieval, Cloud Computing, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Big Data, Cryptography and Computer Security. I did my Bachelors in Computer Science. I have work experience as a Software Engineer at Confianz Global for more than a year. Currently I am interning as a Big Data Engineer with SAP Labs in Palo Alto.

My Masters' project will be: "Bluff with AI".The objective is to build an AI that learns how to play Bluff, a multi-player card game in which each player makes a sequence of decisions based on a partially-observed game state that evolves under uncertainty.