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    [CS 297: Proposal]

    [Deliverable 1 - Pytorch Binary Classifier]

    [Deliverable 2 - Image Processing and Deep Learning Environment]

    [Deliverable 3 - Custom Data Annotation for Images]

    [Deliverable 4 - YOLO Detection]

    [Deliverable 5 - YOLO Training]

    [298 Proposal (PDF)]

    [297 Report (PDF)]

    [298 Report (PDF)]

    [298 Defense Presentation (PDF)]


I am currently pursuing an MS in Computer Science from San Jose State University with a focus in AI and deep learning.

I am currently a Software Engineer at 23andMe and build anything product-related. Fullstack, deployments, infrastructure, etc. If you would like a discounted kit, let me know.

I was also a Full Stack Developer at Thryve, a microbiome bioinformatic startup that brings smart-probiotics to our users. My experience includes front end projects with React.js, jQuery, d3, Sass/CSS, and Bootstrap. In addition, I built out our bioinformatics pipeline on AWS EC2 and S3 for generating taxonomies and abundance profiles from raw sequence data using Python with the Kraken and Qiime libraries. I've also done extensive work on our backend database and resource management, as well as setting up a separate payments server in node.js using the Stripe service for handling payment logic and data.

Previously, I worked as a Software Engineer at another venture startup that sought to bring smart-parking via computer vision and deep learning to individual users. Before working in software, I worked over three years in semiconductor as a Process Engineer at Applied Materials and supported 3D NAND, FinFET, and DRAM applications for Samsung, TSMC, Toshiba, Sandisk, and Micron.

When I'm not working, I like to learn new software skills, play guitar or piano, cook, explore the outdoors, play sports, or spend time with friends and family.

Some fun things that are related yet not related to YOLO.

yolo cat

one does not simply yolo