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My Guidelines

Generally, I accept 2 to 3 masters's students or CS180 students per semester. If the total number of students exceeds 6, I try to avoid accepting any additional students. Currently, I meet with each student once a week. Students are expected to arrive at appointments on time. More than two missed appointments during the semester is grounds for no credit. To help both myself and the student keep track of what was said at meetings, I set up a weblog program for each student. Students are expected to update this site with minutes of each meeting.

Document Preparation Guidelines and Template Files

Below are some files which are useful for preparing proposals, deliverable descriptions, and final reports so that they can be displayed off my webpage. Be aware that your web documents will be included between <td> tags in a web page that I have created (see the example below for how my page looks). Therefore, you do not need to write begin and end <html>, <head>, or <body> tags. To use the files below, download and save them on your local machine. Then edit these files as text files (not as Word documents!!) according to the instructions given at the top of the given file. Then you can use my WebDAV program to upload them to your folder online and see what they look like.

Before you are done with any deliverable you must make sure that all your pages' XHTML validates and that your pages meet easily checked web accessibility standards. You can bookmark the link XHTML Validate to make it easy to validate whatever page you are viewing on the web. You should also bookmark the links WAVE Web Accessibility to help you validate your page for web accessibility and Tingtun PDF Accessibility Checker to check PDFs for asccessibility.

Template files

[File into which your html will be included]

[Bio template]

[CS297Proposal template]

[Deliverable template]

[CS298Proposal template]