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    [CS297 Proposal]

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    [Credibility of rating on Amazon - PDF]

    [Study of Google's advertising services]

    [configuring Ad Server- Yioop patch]

    [Designing of online auction system]

    [Prototype - Find relevant ads for the search query]

    [CS297 Report - PDF]

    [CS298 Proposal]

    [Online Auction System in Yioop]

    [How System Calculates Min Bid?]

    [How System Updates Bid Amount?]

    [Display Relevant Advertisements]

    [CS298 Presentation - PDF]

    [CS298 Report - PDF]


Display Relevant Advertisements

Let us imagine, the user has entered the search query as "computer" and system finds 5 advertisements related to query.

Display relevant advertisements

We do a sum of the budgets of all advertisements. In this case - Sum = 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 = 150

Now , rand function will generate random number between 0 to Sum. In this case, 0 to 150

Display relevant advertisements

Then , we calculate display range for each advertisement using budget. Range for Adv1 is 10, same as Budget. For Adv2 it is 11-30 as budget is 20. If the random number lies in the range 11-30, Adv2 gets displayed and so on.

Probability based model is used to display advertisements. A low budget add would also rendered but with less probability than others.

Display relevant advertisements

System also monitors clicks and impressions for each advertisement.