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CS298 Proposal

An Open Source Ad Server

Pushkar Umaranikar (

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett

Committee Members: Dr.Sami Khuri and Dr. Ronald Mak


Online advertising is growing rapidly as ad can potentially reach targeted audience anywhere in the world. It includes search engine marketing where online advertisements are placed on web pages that are shown on the basis of search engine queries. Search advertisements are targeted to match key search terms entered on search engines. This targeting ability has attracted advertisers towards search engine marketing. Search engines conduct running auctions to sell ads according to bids received for keywords and relative relevance of user keywords to ads. Online advertising involves auction systems and advertising services which help to generate and place ad copy. In this project, I am developing an open source ad server which can be easily integrated with Yioop to show ads that are relevant to the search query. Yioop is a GPLv3,open source, PHP search engine developed by Dr.Pollett. It involves implementation of online auction system and advertisement placing service. With the help of auction system advertisers can create campaign for their products. Advertising service is used for placing advertising copy at the ad spaces available on search result page. I will also experiment with different ranking algorithms that are used to find most relevant ads.

CS297 Results

  • Studied Google's auction system and advertising service.i.e. Google AdWords and Adsense.
  • Implemented configuring ad server in Yioop.
  • Designed online auction system.
  • Implemented prototype model for retrieving most relevant ads from inventory based on search query.

Proposed Schedule

Week 1: (Jan 26 - Feb 1)CS298 proposal
Week 2: (Feb 2 - Feb 8)Discuss on online auction system and conclude on its design.
Week 3,4,5: (Feb 9 - Mar 1)Deliverable# 1: Implement online auction system.
Week 6: (Mar 2 - Mar 8)Study existing advertising service.
Week 7,8,9: (Mar 9 - Mar 29)Deliverable# 2: Design and implement advertisement placing service.
Week 10: (Mar 30 - Apr 5)Study of existing ranking algorithms.
Week 11: (Apr 6 - Apr 12)Deliverable# 3: Propose a ranking strategy for retrieving most relevant ads.
Week 12,13: (Apr 13- Apr 26)Deliverable# 4: Experiment ad server with different ranking algorithms.
Week 14: (Apr 27 - May 3)first draft of CS298 report
Week 15: (May 4 - May 10)final version CS298 report. Submission to committee members.
Week 16: (May 11 - May 17)Defense

Key Deliverables:

  • Software
    • Extension of Yioop search engine with an open source advertising platform.
    • Implementation of online auction system.
    • Implementation of advertising service for placing ads on search result page.
    • Experiment advertising platform with different ranking algorithms.
  • Report
    • CS298 Report
    • Project code and test result documentation

Innovations and Challenges

  • Implementation of an open source, easily configurable advertising platform.
  • Implementation of strategy for ad serving and as tracking. Designing strategy will be challenging as it will be used to retrieve most relevant ad from inventory.


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