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    [configuring Ad Server- Yioop patch]

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    [Online Auction System in Yioop]

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    [CS298 Report - PDF]


Configuring Ad Server - Yioop Patch

The purpose of this deliverable is to add and implement configuration options for ad space allocation and ad script in Yioop. The idea behind this deliverable is to make enable content base advertisement placing service in Yioop.

Ad server configuration

Configuration settings allow Yioop administrator to select ad space. Administrator can also add adscript which will execute on search results page and render most relevant ads based on user's query retrieved from ads database. In Yioop, these options are available to administrator under server settings.

ads on search result page

To test the implementation, We have used adSpeed which is an open source high performance ad server for advertisers and publishers. You can login as an advertiser to adSpeed and create your advertisement. Then we have to associate newly created ad with available zones. Then ad speed would generate serving code for the ad which can be added to under Yioop's ad server configuration to test its working. The size of top banner ad on adSpeed is 468 x 60.

Code added in Yioop to make available configuration options of ad server.
Yioop patch- configuring ad server