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    [Online Auction System in Yioop]

    [How System Calculates Min Bid?]

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    [CS298 Report - PDF]


Bio: Pushkar Umaranikar

I am Pushkar Umaranikar, Computer Science graduate student at San Jose State University.I interned at HP Software, Summer 2014, and developed a Log parser which parses log files generated by scanning web sites to find potential vulnerabilities.I have worked as a Software Engineer with Persistent Systems Limited for 2.5 years. I earned my Bachelors degree from University of Pune, India. My areas of interest are Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Web development, and Enterprise software development.

In my master's project, I am implementing an Open Source Ad Server.Yioop is a open source search engine software developed by Dr.Pollett.

You can contact me at