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    [CS 297 Proposal]

    [Dynamic Hashing Schemes - PDF]

    [WARC Files - PDF]

    [Deliverable 1]

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    [Deliverable 4]

    [CS 297 Report - PDF]

    [CS 298 Proposal]

    [WARC-KIT Code]

    [CS 298 Report - PDF]

    [CS 298 Presentation - PDF]

About Me

Hi I'm David and I'm currently pursuing a Master's Degree at SJSU. I'm a San Jose native so I've been around here most of my life. When it comes to CS I have interests in Cybersecurity and Full Stack development. Outside of CS I have interests in history, political science, and early childhood development. As for hobbies I like to jog, play video games, and manage the slowly overgrowing garden in my backyard. You can reach me currently at for any questions or if you want to chat :).