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CS297 Schedule:

Week 1: Feb.4-10 Read Zaharia2009, start work on Deliverable #1, write the test plan

  • create slides on existing Yioop! processes
  • try out getting Yioop! through git
  • do a demo crawl with 2 queue servers
Week 2: Feb.11-17 code Deliverable #1, start test plan

  • We went over Fetcher and QueueServer interaction, I'll need to study "schedule.txt" usage
  • create slides on 1st paper
Week 3: Feb.18-24 Complete Deliverable #1
Week 4: N/A

Week 5: Mar.4-10 work on Deliverable #2, should start to be able to explain how the crawl system works

  • go over the crawl system and see how to modify it so that we can have multiple
  • Presented "Dremel" Slides
  • modify the slides for dremel
Week 6: N/A

Week 7: Mar.18-24 Research additional information (if needed), read Phan2010

  • Talked over how the GUI should look for "Manage Crawls" page
  • Presented chen2010 "SAMR"
Week 8: Mar.25-31 Spring break

Week 9: N/A

Week 10: N/A

Week 11: Apr.15-21 Test Deliverable #3 for regression.

  • Presented the "Manage Crawls" page
  • Professor Pollett asked to add the dropdown list in the "Description" section
  • It should not appear if there is no active crawl and no need for button, make the update on change of selection.
  • Try to get two crawls going at the same time
Week 12: Apr.22-28 Complete Deliverable #3. Start Deliverable #4.
  • Made the changes to "Manage Crawls" page
  • Page now hides the dropdown list when no active crawls are going
  • Added a handler to the selection list to refresh the page
  • Need to fix the selection list so that the Requested value is preserved
  • Add sections to each deliverable completed and write a short summary of the work
Week 13: Apr.29-May.5 Complete test plan for Deliverable #4