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CS297 Deliverable 1 Writeup: Display list of more than 1 job crawl

With this deliverable, I had to understand how jobs were displayed in the "Manage Crawls" administration page. In order to understand the coding style, I had to read several types of files. First, I looked into trying to understand the "View" pages. These were the main display pages that contains the renderView() function to display the page as well as any elements associated with them. The main "View" page which I had to modify was "crawlstatus_view.php". As a temporary measure, I used the recently crawled list to display multiple jobs on a dropdown list. I was able to cycle through the $data structure to view fields and job timestamps to understand what was being passed into this "View" page.

Additionally, I took a look at the "managecrawls_element.php" to understand how elements are pulled into the "crawlstatus_view.php". The "crawlstatus_view.php" page, keeps an array of elements which need to be rendered for the page. The element itself is what displays the table of recent crawls that were done. This is where I was able to find the data to display in the drop down list.