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CS297 Deliverable 2 Writeup: Create the GUI panels to work with multiple crawls

With this deliverable, I needed the administration page to be able to be interactive with the user. The goal of this deliverable was to be able to have a selection tool to be able to modify the information on the page to display the currently chosen running crawl job. Once again, the "crawlstatus_view.php" page needed to be updated. For this deliverable, a form was needed to be able to post information back to the form to refresh the page with the new data. Working with Dr. Pollett, we decided that the dropdown list should be hidden from the user if there are no crawls active. The dropdown list (and subsequent "stop crawl" button) would only appear if an active crawl is running.

Another feature that was decided for usability is that the dropdown list will update automatically onChange(). With this feature, I had an issue with losing my data because the submitted form does not directly go back to the current page. In order to understand and make the appropriate changes, I had to understand how the "crawl_controller.php" worked. This page is the controller which processes the functionality of the "crawlstatus_view.php" page.