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CS297-298 Project News Feed

09/13/2011 Tenth project meeting

  • Discussed ways to add metadata to web pages with longitude and latitude information in Yioop
  • Dr.Pollett asked to work on adding metawords Lat: and Long: to mini inverted index.

09/06/2011 Ninth project meeting

  • Showed the first deliverable which plots an ipaddress on a map to Dr. Pollett.Dr Pollett asked to refine it by having all the tiles locally.
  • Dr. Pollett asked to go through the archive iterator library from yioop and extend it to be used to iterate over planet.osm data.

04/05/2011 Eighth project meeting

  • Showed the second deliverable to Dr. Pollett.
  • Dr. Pollett asked to make a script to read the OSM bz2 file using PHP bz2 functions.


  • Spring break.

03/22/2011 Seventh Project meeting

  • Continue working on second deliverable.
  • Dr. Pollett asked to study the structure of XML formatted OSM file.

03/15/2011 Sixth Project meeting

  • Showed the first deliverable to Dr. Pollett
  • Dr. Pollett asked to work on second deliverable.

03/08/2011 Fifth Project meeting

  • Import hostipinfo data into a sqlite database
  • Dr. Pollett asked to prepare the first deliverable

03/01/2011 Fourth Project meeting

  • Continue studying Yioop code
  • Dr. Pollett asked to modify the presentation on his search engine code.

02/22/2011 Third Project meeting

  • Imported hostipinfo data into a mysql database and discussed the structure of the database.
  • Dr. Pollett asked to prepare a presentation on his search engine code.

02/15/2011 Second Project meeting

  • Downloaded the source code of Yioop and performed a simple crawl
  • Discussed the flow of fetcher.php and queue_server.php as they performed the crawl.
  • For the next meeting Dr.Pollett asked to study the code of Yioop

02/08/2011 First Project meeting

  • Discussed the project in detail, project folder created by Dr.Pollett with access rights to upload proposal and bio
  • Dr. Pollett asked to download the source code of Yioop and perform a simple crawl