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A simple application to return geo location from hostip database

Goal: The goal of this deliverable is to make a simple application to return the geo location in terms of city,country,state , longitude and latitude.

Hostip database

Description: The is a community-based project that provides complete raw data dumps to geolocate ip addresses .As part of this deliverable a sql dump was downloaded and imported into a mysql database. The hostip database consists of following tables: Countries table which consists of the countries name and country code identified by primary key id. Citybycountry table which consists of the cities ,states, longitude and latitude identified by primary key city.The citybycountry table references the countries table by id. The ip4 tables (255)containing the second and third quad of the ip4_address and the corresponding ip4 table denotes the first quad. The ip4 table references the citybycountry table by city and countries table by id.

The application consists of a simple form where in the user can enter the ip adress and the application will query the hostip database to retrieve the corresponding geo location in terms of Country, City, State, Country_code ,Latitude and Longitude.Below is a snapshot of the application.

iplookup iplookup1