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CS297 Proposal

Extending Yioop with Geographical Location Local Search

Vijaya Sinha(

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett


It is often useful when doing an internet search to get results based on our current location. For example, we might want such results when we search on Eating Joints, Car Service Center, or Hospitals. Current open source search engines like those based on Nutch do not provide this facility. Commercial engines like Google and Yahoo provide this facility so it would be useful to incorporate it in a open source alternative. Complete raw data dumps for determining geo location of IP addresses can be found from Similarly, allows complete Earth downloads of street map data. In my project I will use these sources to extend the Yioop search engine with location-based search results.


Week 1-2: (02/01/11 - 02/08/11) Discuss the project in detail with the advisor and prepare CS297 proposal.
Week 3: (02/08/11 - 02/15/11) Download and study Dr.Pollett Search Engine code
Week 4-5: (02/15/11 - 02/22/11) Experiment with Yioop.
Week 6: (02/22/11 - 03/01/11) Deliverable 1 due:My experiments with Yioop
Week 7-8: (03/15/11 - 03/22/11) Download sql dump and import it into a mysql database.
Week 8-9: (03/22/11 - 04/05/11) Deliverable 2 due:Write a PHP script to return the geo-location from the hostipinfo database.
Week 9-10: (04/05/11 - 04/12/11) Download the XML formatted Open Street Map file .
Week 10-11: (04/12/11 - 04/19/11) Read the documentation of Open street map and understand the structure of xml formatted file.
Week 11-12: (04/19/11 - 04/26/11) Read the DOM document to read and parse the XML formatted planet.osm file.
Week 13-14: (04/26/11 - 05/03/11) Deliverable 3 due:Write a PHP script to return some blocks of Open street map XML data.
Week 14-15: 05/03/11 - 05/10/11) Work on 297 report.
Week 15-16: (05/10/11 - 05/17/11) Deliverable 4 due: 297 report.


The full project will be done when CS298 is completed. The following will be done by the end of CS297:

1.Download the source code for Yioop and experiment with it to see how the search engines work.

2.Develop a PHP module to read hostip info database and return the geo location.

3.Write a PHP script to return some blocks of Open Street map XML data .

4.CS297 Report


[BCC2010] S. Buttcher, C. L. A. Clarke, and G. V. Cormack. Information Retrieval: Implementing and Evaluating Search Engines. MIT Press. 2010.

T. Mitchell, Build AJAX-Based Web Maps Using kaMap,

Open Street Map.(27 January 2011)