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A simple web crawl

Objective: The main objective of this delliverable was to perform a simple web crawl and see how Yioop performs crawls and displays results.

To Perform the crawl the following steps were carried out:

  • Downloaded and installed the Xampp bundle(PHP,SQL,Apache) to perform the crawl.
  • The source code of Yioop was downloaded from SeekQuarry.
  • After downloading the code it was placed under the document root of Apache.
  • Since Yioop uses an auxilliary folder to place crawl data the path to this folder needs to be configured
  • So the web browser needs to be pointed to that location ,in my case it was http://localhost/yioop/yioop123/
  • Next the path to the data directory was set after logging as admin
  • Then the queue_server and fetcher scripts were run from the command line to start the crawling.
  • Under the manage crawls the crawl name was given and the crawl was started
  • The crawl will show up in previous crawls with its timestamp
  • The crawl was set as index so that the search results c an be obtained when performing a search
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