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A simple application to extract relevant data from planet.osm

Goal: The goal of this deliverable is to understand the structure of planet.osm XML formatted file and extract relevant data.

Open street map data

Description: Open street map provides free map data of whole earth such as street maps and is distributed under the open source license. Planet.osm provides a snapshot of the complete Open Street map database. The file is a xml formatted osm file . The Open Street map data can be downloaded from any of the mirrors from Regions can be extracted from the osm file using a bounding box or region to define a region.

The goal of this deliverable was to extract some data from the planet.osm xml formatted file. DOM parser was used in order to parse and extract relevant data from the planet.osm file. As part of this deliverable I extracted the tag elements by scanning through the whole file and finding out tags denoted by the attribute k.

As part of this deliverable I have made a simple application which consists of a form that acts as an interface to extract data inside the tag elements of the planet.osm file