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CS 297 Deliverable 2

Make a movie using UNITY having a setup of a shop with 1 customer who is doing the okay sign.


This deliverable aimed at developing animation clips for humanoid avator that could be used to train an AI model for American Sign Language detection.

Tools and Technology :

Unity 2019.4.13f1


1. Placing an object in 3D space
2. Rescaling objects
3. Adding inbuilt motions to objects
4. Configuring inbuilt animation for different avatars
5. Creating Animations: state diagram of events
6. IK Scriptwriting for object movement
7. Configuring Humanoid Rigs: Bone and Muscle Setting
8. Creating an animation: Dopesheets and Curves etc
9. Light Settings in Unity


Okay Sign Screenshot

Okay Sign Animation Dope Sheets

Okay Sign Gesture Unity Animation Video


1. Light Settings

2 .Animations

3. Animator Controller

4. Easing Curves - How to Make Smooth Animations in Unity