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    [CS 297 Proposal]

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    [AI Methods for Dou Di Zhu-PDF]


    [CS297 Report-PDF]

    [CS 298 Proposal]


    [Defense Slides-PDF]

Dou Di Zhu Application Installation Instructions

Firstly, you need install node.js and npm into your computer.

Secondly, download the zip below by click the link "deliver 1", and decompress it into your local folder.

Thirdly, open your terminal, cmd or shell to find the folder which you save the download files.

Then, input "npm install" in your terminal, cmd or shell to install the libs or somethings the application need to used, it is automatic.

After you succeed to install everything automatically, you can input "npm start" in terminal, cmd or shell, you will see "Listening on port 8080!".

Now, you can open the address "http://localhost:8080" in the brower, to open the application.