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CS297 Proposal

An AI for a Modification of Dou Di Zhu

Xuesong Luo (

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett


Dou Di Zhu is a famous poker game in China. This poker game uses 54 cards (include 2 jokers), and it needs 3 players on 2 sides. One side is called Landlord of one player, another side is called peasants of 2 players. Each player has basic 17 random cards, and there are 3 extra random cards belong to Landlord. Training AI how to play and gamble this game would be a very interesting thing. This project is aim to create a multiple online poker game: Dou Di Zhu, and train the AI that can join the game to play with humans.


Week 1: Aug 27 - Sep 3First meeting
Week 2: Sep 4 - Sep 9Read the paper of some AI methods on Dou Di Zhu
Week 3: Sep 10 - Sep 17Begin to do the application of Dou Di Zhu that human can play
Week 4: Sep 18 - Sep 24Read the paper "Combinational Q-Learning for Dou Di Zhu"
Week 5: Sep 25 - Oct 1Begin to prepare th simple Q-learning for Dou Di Zhu
Week 6: Oct 2 - Oct 8Deliver 1
Week 7: Oct 9 - Oct 15Read about Q-learning and card game
Week 8: Oct 16 - Oct 22Deliver 2
Week 9: Oct 23 - Oct 29Begin to develop a Q-learning algorithm based on the Dou Di Zhu
Week 10: Oct 30 - Nov 5Continue
Week 11: Nov 6 - Nov 12Continue
Week 12: Nov 13 - Nov 19Deliver 3
Week 13: Nov 20 - Nov 26Reimplement an existing AI tech of Dou Di Zhu
Week 14: Nov 27 - Dec 3Deliver 4
Week 15: Dec 4 - Dec 10CS 297 report first draft
Week 16: Dec 11 - Dec 17CS 297 report due


The full project will be done when CS298 is completed. The following will be done by the end of CS297:

1. An online multiplayers game: Dou Di Zhu

2. Q-learning and card game

3. Develop a Q-learning algorithm based on the Dou Di Zhu

4. Reimplement an existing AI technique of Dou Di Zhu

5. CS 297 report


[2019] Yang You, Liangwei Li, Baisong Guo, Weiming Wang, Cewu Lu. "Combinational Q-Learning for Dou Di Zhu", arXiv:1901.08925

[2017] Renzhi Wu, Shuai Liu, Shuqin Li, Meng Ding. "The design and Implementation of a Computer Game Algorithm of Do Dizhu", IEEE

[Unknown] Zhennan Yan, Xiang Yu, Tinglin Liu, Xiaoye Han. Fight the Landlord (Dou Di Zhu).