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Deliverable 3 - Advertisement Credits Redeem in Yioop

Parth Patel (

Purpose: The goal of this deliverable is to add new feature in Yioop under Manage Credits activity which allows to convert unused ad credits into real cash.

Description: The outcome of this deliverable is a new feature in Yioop called Redeem Credits under Manage Credits activity. This feature uses Connected Account services in order to transfer the US dollars amount equivalent to redeemed credits amount. In order to enable redeem functionality the users need to complete the Stripe account verification process and only if payouts are enabled in their connected account after then they can redeem credits. Below are the screenshots of new feature in Yioop, Stripe verification flow and Stripe connected account details.

Patch file: credits_redeem.patch

Test Screenshots

Redeem Credits and Manage Details during first time visit

First Redeem
First Manage Details

Stripe Verification Flow

Stripe Verification

Manage Details after verification process

Manage Details

Redeem Credits when less than 500 credits

Redeem Credits less 500

Redeem when greater than 500 credits

Redeem Credits more 500

Successful Redeem

Redeem Success

Stripe Connected Account

Stripe Connected Account