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Deliverable 2 - Add UI test cases for Yioop

Parth Patel (

Purpose: The goal of this deliverable is to add atleast 5 UI test cases for Yioop. By the end of this deliverable, test cases for Yioop UI would be created to ensure proper UI.

Description: The outcome of this deliverable is a separate project that contains test cases for Yioop UI. The project uses selenium webdriver and node.js bindings, mocha and chai as the test framework for node.js. It uses mochawesome to generate html report of the test cases result. During the test cases execution screenshots of the current screen are captured which are saved under results folder and later used to display on the report generated by mochawesome reporter The project supports testing for firefox and chrome browsers and mobile site as well for chrome. The project has a shell script that checks if atleast firefox or chrome is installed to run the test cases, install Yioop on local system and starts on any random port before running the test cases.

Project Zip Archive:

Installation: The project has a readme file which shows how to install the required packages and how to execute test cases