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Deliverable 4

Title : Application to interface Model and Controller components.

Description :

In Deliverable 3, user can develop model objects by creating tables and relationships between them. Therefore in Deliverable 4, I have enhanced the application developed in Deliverable 3 to provide additional functionality. The targeted functionality for this deliverable is to connect Model and Controller components.

The tree menu of the Controllers and their methods is implemented using CSS styles.On page load, a list of existing Controllers is displayed to the user on the right hand panel. Initially, the list is in collapsed state which means it just displays the names of the Controllers. When the user clicks on the expand icon, expandTree () method is called which takes element id as input. A call to this method expands the list and displays all the method names of the Controller file. On clicking collapse icon, it calls collapseTree () method to collapse the list.

The Model objects have draggable property which allows the user to drag them and the Controller list items have droppable property attached to them.

Screenshots :

Controller tree structure

Fig 1: Collapsible and Expandable list of Controllers and Methods.

Relevant files :