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Deliverable 3

Title : Application to create Model

Description :

The goal is to learn jQuery and develop an application using it. In this deliverable, I developed an application for creating model components.

The application provides following functionalities :

  • Create a new table.
  • Add new fields to the table.
  • Delete table.
  • Rename table.
  • Create relationships between the tables.

Screenshots :

Home Page

Fig 1: First Page with Menu bar.

Right click menue

Fig 2: On right click; a menu is displayed with the list of actions.

Drag and Drop

Fig 3: Drag and drop a clone of field from one table to another to connect two tables.

Click on Composition link provided in menu bar and drag a field from one table to another will create a composition relationship.

Composition relationship

Fig 4: Composition or “has a” relationship denoted by line with a diamond shape on tip.

On right click popup menu, the option “Sub-Class” creates a new table which is a subclass of the existing one. It represents the sub-class relationship with a line and triangle pointing to the base or parent class.

is a relationship

Fig 5: “Is a” relationship, Table 2 is a sub-class of Table 1.

Relevant files :