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CS297-298 Project News Feed

Oct 06

try changing the code to get accelerometer inputs to work

Sep 30

get the rotation code working with accelerometer

Sep 23

completed the zooming functionality. also basic webkit code integrated with zoom.

Sep 16

showed basic image zoom in/out functionality and completed the music player coding functionality. Get some code for WebKit going for next week

Sep 9

Absent - could not attend meeting

Sep 2

started discussing about the approach and basic planning for the deliverables

Aug 26

meeting for proposal approval and changes.

May 19

Completed deliverable 3 and report work. finish deliverable 4 ASAP.

May 12

Complete coding of deliverable 3. Still the shake feature pending.

May 05

Completed file chooser. work towards del3 and also report due

April 28

Complete coding of the file chooser for file selection, add the alert message of falling and the shake feature.

April 21

complete deliverable 3 by next week and also work towards deliverable 4 (simple motion based gesture: shake feature)also write detailed description of deliverable 1 and 2. also automate the input of simulator

April 14

completed the connection of simulator and emulator. make changes to the sensor simulator jar and make your own executable jar. also write detailed description of deliverable 1 and 2. also automate the input of simulator

April 7

no meeting. By next week have to complete deliverable 2 and build upon that to complete deliverable 3

March 31

could not meet due to job. communicated on email about making a new deliverable 2 about integration of Sensor Simulator and get the values of simulator to integrate with emulator

March 24

spring break

March 17

worked on modifying the accelerometer code but could not get any furthur leads. found about the OpenIntents project online and sensor Simulator

March 10

make modifications to the accelerometer code. do some event handling code in android. ppt on webkit

March 3

write sample code for accelerometer using the API's

Feb 25

study about accelerometers on some devices, how they work,find information on related API's

Feb 18

properly document and provide links to the code of del1. solve compatibility issues of android, jdk and eclipse.

Feb 11

upload deliverable 1 html file with description of Hello World. study about accelerometers on 2-3 machines, how they work, make slides. some event handling code. KVM vs DVM

Feb 4

Setup my login account. I have to study Android architecture in detail and prepare a small presentation. I also have to write a sample test code for android