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Deliverable 2: ChatGPT Integration Into A-Frame


The goal of this deliverable is to merge ChatGPT with the A-Frame environment to create a user-friendly 3D modeling experience. In order to interact with the ChatGPT API, a temporary user interface will be available, allowing users to input prompts and receive ChatGPT's responses. This initial user interface will ultimately be replaced by voice commands, further aiming to ensure that the ChatGPT integration works seamlessly with the virtual reality environment.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Get OpenAI gpt-4 API key
  2. Create a new instance of the API key with A-Frame and Glitch
  3. Design virtual reality user interface for prompt inputs
  4. Make a request to the API
  5. Process and display the API response
  6. Add context to API calls


  • Temporary User Interface

    User Interface

  • Make a request to the API

    Prompt Example

  • Process and display the OpenAI API response

    Response Example

  • Demonstrate that the calls keep context from previous prompts

    Context Example