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Patches for Yioop Register Page and Social Component

Patch 1 - Client side validation of the register page In this patch, I have added client side validation in the register page of Yioop. While registering, the user has to fill a form which asks for the users first name, email address, password etc,. If some of the fields filled by the user is incorrect then after the form is submitted the user is warned with the errors and asked to make changes. I have tried to improve this, by incorporating client side validation to Yioop register page using javascript.

The register page now validates the following fields at the client side:
  1. Require fields such as first name, last name, user name are filled by the user
  2. Email address provided by the user is in the proper format. For example: is a valid email address whereas is not
  3. Checks for the strength of the password and warns the user if the password does not contain numbers, letters and minimum number of characters
  4. Disables the submit button until all the warnings are rectified in the form filled

Patch 2 - Delete multiple users based on their join date This feature allows the owner of a group to select multiple users and delete them based on their join date. I have made changes to the social component of the Yioop codebase to add this feature.

Following are the two patches:
  1. Patch 1 - Client side validation of register page
  2. Patch 2 - Delete multiple users based on their join date