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CS297-298 Project News Feed

12/11/2012 Twenty-fourth Project meeting

  • Defense done!
  • He asked me to proof read the report and upload it to website

11/20/2012 Twenty-fourth Project meeting

  • He asked me to give the report to committee members
  • He asked me to proof read the report once again
  • Showed Dr.Pollett final game engine and appstore

11/13/2012 Twenty-third Project meeting

  • Showed the first draft of CS298 report
  • He asked me to proof read the report
  • Also asked to give finishing touches to the game

11/06/2012 Twenty-second Project meeting

  • Showed the website for the game engine
  • Also gave the demo of delivery model
  • We discussed about the CS298 report

10/30/2012 Twenty-first Project meeting

  • Dr. Pollett asked me to create a website to deliver the project
  • He also asked me to research about Add to home screen option

10/23/2012 Twentieth Project meeting

  • Showed Dr. Pollett the new spring physics capabilities
  • He asked me to change the working
  • Dr. Pollett was satisfied with the Asteroid game

10/16/2012 Nineteenth Project meeting

  • Dr. Pollett asked me to add some animation to the asteroid game
  • He also asked me to research about spring physics

10/02/2012 Eighteenth Project meeting

  • Created Asteroid Game
  • Added some physics

09/25/2012 Seventeenth Project meeting

  • Wanted to show Dr. Pollett support for collision detection
  • Also gave the timeline for the project

09/18/2012 Sixteenth Project meeting

  • Showed Dr. Pollett audio and event support
  • Dr. Pollett asked me to research about adding physics support

09/11/2012 Sixteenth Project meeting

  • Added audio support
  • Also discussed the timeline

09/04/2012 Fifteenth Project meeting

  • Showed Dr. Pollett the working sprite animation
  • Dr. Pollett asked me what I am doing for next week

08/28/2012 Fourteenth Project meeting

  • First project meet for the semester
  • Dr. Pollett asked me to show progress in next meeting

02/07/2012 Twelfth Project meeting

02/14/2012 Thirteenth Project meeting

  • Dr. Pollett asked me to create presentation containing features of game engine
  • I need to create some UML diagrams

02/07/2012 Twelfth Project meeting

  • Dr. Pollett told me to read a book called Software Engineering and Computer Games
  • He asked me to come up with a design

12/15/2011 Eleventh Project meeting

  • Submitted CS297 Report

12/06/2011 Tenth Project meeting

  • Dr. Pollett told me to do some corrections in report
  • Added deliverable 4

11/29/2011 Tenth Project meeting

  • dr. Pollett asked me to check on Android with FireFox as browser
  • Dr. Pollett also asked me to start writing report

11/15/2011 Ninth Project meeting

  • There was different results with different browsers and mobile platforms
  • Professor asked me to check with the bookmarklet

11/08/2011 Eighth Project meeting

  • Completed the game with high scores
  • Added other deliverables
  • Game was not working on device. Dr. Pollett asked me to investigate the error.

11/01/2011 Seventh Project meeting

  • Change high score functionality
  • Add Craft Game as Deliverable 2 and with local storage as Deliverable 3
  • For next deliverable convert this game as data url
  • Check game on device

10/18/2011 Sixth Project meeting

  • Showed the test game using crafty
  • Dr. Pollett told me to change the webpage for pong deliverable.
  • For next deliverable add killer flower , timer. Basically use the local storage

10/11/2011 Sixth Project meeting

  • Gave Dr. Pollett update about game engine
  • Upload Pong as a deliverable.
  • Work on next week's deliverable

09/27/2011 Fifth Project meeting

  • Made Pong a little more playable
  • Transferred data url on to the device. Its working in the browser.
  • For next week start working on game engine

09/20/2011 Fourth Project meeting

  • Showed the game "Pong" on mobile device
  • Create a data url for the game
  • Fix bugs in the game

09/13/2011 Third Project meeting

  • Gave a small presentation on Data URI
  • For next update I have to start working on Deliverable1 - Data URL for game pong
  • Download Javascript Game Engine

09/06/2011 Second Project meeting

  • Dr. Pollett gave the access to folder to add proposal and update bio
  • For the next meeting Dr. Pollett asked me to study the RFC mentioned in proposal and data url

08/30/2011 First Project meeting

  • Discussed the project in detail, worked on 297 Proposal with Dr. Pollett
  • Completed the Proposal and submitted it to the CS Department