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Deliverable_1 - Pong Game In JavaScript

Pong in JavaScript

It is a simple Pong game in JavaScript which can be played on device containing JavaScript enabled browser. Link for the game: Pong It is data url for html of the game which itself contains data urls for different images. You can just bookmark this link to play the game whenever you want.

To start the pong just click or touch on the left paddle which is human. Right paddle is Robot.

Start Pong

Start moving your mouse or on touch devices just move your finger to move the paddle. You will see the updated score on top of the game.

Middle Pong

Whenever human or robot looses the game you will see the update on bottom of the game and you can start by clicking on paddle again. If you want to reset the level in between, just click anywhere in between the box. The same level will restart without updating the score.

End Pong