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CS298 Proposal

Implementing Relationships in a Wiki System

Yashi Kamboj (

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett

Committee Members: Dr. Chris Pollett, Dr. Robert Chun, Mr. Auston Davis


All wiki systems support mediawiki which helps in categorization of wikipedia pages. For example: Consider a category 'Mathematics', all pages under it will have the same category. In fact, different wiki pages can belong to the same category. The reason behind choosing this project is that presently, some systems support unary relationships but there is a limited support for n-ary relations. The aim is to enhance wiki system in Yioop to support binary relationships. By supporting binary relations, we mean that the relationship will be stored in the database and not just the wiki page, hence, it can be used to facilitate search and graphical display of relationships.

CS297 Results

  • Presentation on Categories in Wikipedia: understanding Wikipedia's implementation on categorization
  • Adding multiple members to groups in Yioop
  • Relationship links added to Yioop
  • Display mechanism for related pages

Proposed Schedule

Sr. No. MonthDeliverable Status
1 SeptemberDeliverable 1 for CS298 Completed
2 OctoberDeliverable 2 for CS298 Completed
3 NovemberDeliverable 3 for CS298 Completed
4 DecemberDeliverable 4, 5 for CS298 Completed

Key Deliverables:

  • Software
    • 1: A way to natively store relationships(binary) into both the wikipedia pages as well as the database
    • 2: Implementing a page that allows to explore relationships graphically
    • 3: Search facility that uses relationship implementation
  • Report
    • 4: CS 298 Report
    • 5: CS 298 Presentation

Challenges & Innovation:

  • Good syntax for implementing binary relationships in Wikipedia, which is novel and has not been done before in wiki systems.
  • Implementing relationships in database
  • Support for transitive closures


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