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CS297 Proposal

Handling Relationships in a Wiki System

Yashi Kamboj (

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett


Yioop is an open source wiki system developed and managed by Dr. Christopher Pollett. For my Master's project, I will be working on implementing relationships in Yioop. All Wiki systems support mediawiki which helps in categorization of wikipedia pages. For example: Consider a category 'Mathematics', all pages under it will have the same category. Infact, different wiki pages can belong to the same category. The reason behind choosing this project is that presently, all wiki systems support unary relationships well and there is a limited support for n-ary relations. The aim is to enhance wiki system in Yioop to support binary relationships. By supporting binary relations, we mean that the relationship will be stored in the database and not just the wiki page, Hence, it can be used to facilitate search and graphical display of relationships.


Week 1: Feb 1 - Feb 7Talk about the project in detail with the advisor. Prepare and deliver CS 297 Proposal.
Week 2: Feb 8 - Feb 14Understanding Yioop file structure
Week 3: Feb 15 - Feb 21Discussing RDF tags and Genealogy
Week 4: Feb 22 - Feb 28Deliverable 1:Presentation on Categories in Wikipedia and RDF
Week 5: Feb 29 - Mar 6Resolving a bug while adding members to groups in Yioop
Week 6: Mar 7 - Mar 13Deliverable 2:Adding members to groups and GUI test
Week 7: Mar 14 - Mar 20Adding relationship links
Week 8: Mar 21 - Mar 27Continue work from week 7
Week 9: Mar 28 - Apr 3Deliverable 3:Relationship links added to Yioop
Week 10: Apr 4 - Apr 10Discuss mechanism of implementing relationship in Yioop pages
Week 11: Apr 11 - Apr 17Continue work from week 10
Week 12: Apr 18 - Apr 24Deliverable 4: Implementing mechanism for pages to have relationship
Week 13: Apr 25 - May 1Start compiling all work into CS297 report
Week 14: May 2 - May 8Continue work from week 13
Week 15: May 9 - May 15 Deliverable 5: Complete CS297 report


The full project will be done when CS298 is completed. The following will be done by the end of CS297:

1. Understanding Categories in Wikipedia and RDF

2. Resolving a bug faced while adding members to a group in Yioop in bulk

3. Adding Relationship Links

4. Mechanism for pages to have Relationships

5. CS297 report


1.Yioop Documentation: Link

2.Wikipedia Category: Link

2.Wikipedia Categorization: Link