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    [CS297 Proposal]

    [CS297 Del #01 (study of wiki systems) - PDF]

    [CS297 Del #02 (adding multiple users)]

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    [CS297 Del #04 (what links here)]

    [CS297 Report - PDF]

    [CS298 Proposal]

    [CS298 Del #01 (getting relationship types)]

    [CS298 Del #02 (displaying to and from links)]

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    [CS298 Report - PDF]

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My name is Yashi Kamboj. I am a Computer Science graduate student at San Jose State University. I earned my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from India. Thereafter, I worked with Tata Consultancy Services for two years. During summer of 2016, I worked at Stanford's Children's Health as an Information Security Intern. My areas of interest are Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Information Security, and Big Data.

In my master's project, I worked with Dr. Pollett in Handling Relationships in a Wiki System. Refer the section titled 'CS297 Proposal' for more details.

I may be reached at