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Project Blog:

May 5, 2015

  • Professor gave feedback on the CS 297 report's content and layout.
  • Profeesor suggested changes to be made in the CS297 report

Apr 29, 2015

  • Discussed about the basic approach implemented to extract triplet from the parse tree
  • Discussed about the format of CS297 report

Apr 22, 2015

Apr 15, 2015

  • Discussion about the basic implemented parser to generate tree
  • Discussed about the next deliverable and approach to extracting triplet

Apr 8, 2015

  • Discussed the doubts in generating parse tree using recursive descent parser
  • Professor explained the approach

Apr 1, 2015

  • Discussed about the generated Parse tree using REGEX
  • Professor suggested the flaws in using REGEX for parse tree generation
  • Needs to develop parse tree using Context Free Grammar
  • Professor suggested resource to refer for the problem of generating parse tree

Mar 18, 2015

Mar 11, 2015

  • Portuguese Stemmer algorithm is implement with all word parsed correctly
  • Discussed the patch work flow in the Yioop
  • Got access of Mantis and discussed how to raise issue and upload patch

Mar 6, 2015

  • Implementation of Portuguese Stemmer with Error
  • Discussed approach how to achieve special cases

Feb 25, 2015

  • Discussed about stemming algorithm explained in the Snowball
  • Had some difficulty understanding how to run individual stemmer program and how to test them
  • Discussed the work flow of stemming algorithm in Yioop

Feb 18, 2015:

  • Explained the first deliverable
  • Discussed about the variation in the test set to test the Question-Answering System
  • Discussed the current work flow of
  • Discussed about the next deliverable and the sources to refer for the stemmer

Feb 11, 2015:

  • Discussed available Question-Answering System and algorithm in the papers
  • Discussed the approach that we should take to achieve a good results
  • Discussed issues that are most likely affect the efficiency of Question-Answering System
  • Discussed about the next deliverable format

Feb 4, 2015:

  • Discussed the project title and deliverable for the rest of the semester