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I am Niravkumar Patel, currently pursuing my masters degree in computer science at San Jose State University. I have taken courses like Search Engine Design, Big Data Mining, Database System Principles and Game Engine Design. I am currently working at BlueJeans Network as a API Platform Software Engineer Intern. I did my bachelors of engineering in computer science and later gained more than 2 years of experience at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.(TCS) as a Systems Engineer. I have worked in core development team of a product called "TCS BaCNS" which provided with an end solution to trade on securities by web/desktop/mobile application.

As a Masters Project, I will add a module called "Question-Answering System" to Yioop (open source search engine). Question-Answering System will be used to answer the questions asked by the users on Yioop.

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