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Wiki Help Display from WebService

Description: In this deliverable I have worked on:
Integrating the Help display with the front end using a web service response from back end.

Web service JSON response

    "wiki_content": "[Raw wiki content here]",
    "can_edit": true,
    "group_id": "7",
    "group_name": "Wiki_Help",
    "page_id": "17",
    "page_name": "browse_url"

The user click on the help "?" button which is linked to a specific wiki article. On clicking the button, an ajax GET call to retrieve wiki content from Web service is fired.
The web service response is parsed on the client side to extract the raw wiki content and transform it into valid HTML content. The converted HTML content is then painted inside the help frame.

Screenshots: This is what my prototype looks like on a Desktop web browser

Screenshots: This is what my prototype looks like on a mobile web browser