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Implementing SVD using Lanczos algorithm

Description: The main objective of Deliverable 4 was to use the Lanczos algorithm and SVD to put the theory into practice.
After reading text files and parsing word/sentences into a matrix A, each number in A contains the frequency of a particular word appearing in each sentence.
Using SVD and Lanczos algorithm, A is decomposed into three matrices (U, S, and transpose of V).
Then, I select n number of sentences from transpose of sentence matrix V, depending on the singular matrix S.
But numerical stability needs to be further improved to handle large sets of data.

You can find a zip file containing source codes and a screenshot of the output below.
The zip file consists of two java files - and contains main and methods for reading from text files containing short texts to summarize, parsing words/sentences into a matrix form, calculating SVD, and changing a symmetric matrix into a tridiagonal matrix using Lanczos algorithm. contains methods for common matrix operations.
output of deliverable 4