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Calculating SVD in brute force approach

Description: The main objective of Deliverable 1 was to understand SVD and implement it.
I call this "brute force appraoch" because I didn't use any algorithms to find eigenvalues and eigenvecotrs
, but instead follows mathematical steps for solving them as one would solve on a piece of paper.
You can simply unzip it and import the files into your project in Eclipse.

You can find a zip file containing source codes and a screenshot of the output below.
The zip file consists of three java files -,, contains methods for common matrix operations. contains methods for converting an equation to characteristic equations. contains main and methods for calculating SVD.
As you can see, original matrix is decomposed into three matrices(an orthogonal matrix U, a diagonal matrix S, and the transpose of an orthogonal matrix V)
output of deliverable 1