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Nov 2,2010

Discussed about the various Attributes to put for elements

Worked on setting the Attributes for HTMLelements

Testing and finish all minor parts left

Oct 26,2010

Discussed the Tabs on the View part

Completed working on tabs

Continue work on the Html Elements

Oct 19,2010

Discussed about the various attributes (properties) for html

Worked on horizontal tabs at the top of IDE

Created the set attributes tabs and working on it

Oct 5,12,2010

Discussed about the various HTML elements in project

Integrated the Editor with View part of file Structure

To Work on the HTML elements

Sep 28,2010

Discussed about the Editor and which one to use

Continue working on the Editor

To Start working on the Tools at the right side

Sep 14,2010

About the file structure of IDE

Working on the File Structure

To Work on the Editor part

Sep 7,2010

Discussed the Project structure for the IDE

Created the file architecture and installed the Jedit(text Editor)

Reflect the file structure in the View Part

August 31,2010

Discussed the Fall 2010 Schedule

Setup the database and created the tables

Storing the controller files in the server and reflecting them in the UI as well.

April 28,2010

Presented the Final Deliverable and discussed Report

Started working on the report

CS 297 Final report

April 21,2010

Presented the Layout of IDE

Working on the Controller part

Working on the Controller part

April 14,2010

Presented the Navigation part and discussed about the drag and drop objects in the IDE

Continuing working on the IDE (in particular Drag and Drop)

Drag and Drop of the elements.

April 7,2010

Presented the basic layout and discussed how to improve it

Started preparing the Report

To work on the View Part of the IDE

March 24,2010

Discussed about how the IDE view part should look like.

Still working on the layout of the File system

Implementing Drag and Drop of the tables in View part.

March 17,2010

Discussed about how the file system should appear on the We based IDE

Created the Basic structure to represent the File system,

Working on the Menu bars for the File System

March 10,2010

Discussed the architecture of the File system.

Presented the basic file system to access the file

To prepare the File system for the IDE

March 3,2010

Performance test of JavaScripts was done based on the sample examples developed using JQuery and YUI

Preparing the Report on performance Test JavaScripts.

To Develop a file system to access file which is on remote server.

February 17,2010

Developed and Presented Struts sample Application

Working on the JavaScript Frameworks

Test the Different JavaScript Framework (Jquery and YUI)

February 10,2010

Gave a Presentation on struts Framework.

Understand the struts framework and develop a demo project

Develop a Demo Application Using Struts.

February 3,2010

Discussed about overview of the project and about the struts framework

Prepare a ppt on struts

To prepare ppt Slides on Struts framework and work on developing an Application using Struts

January 27,2010

Created our projects folder and Dr.Pollett assigned the Meeting schedules

Uploaded the project proposal and Bio and did programs on IDE

Set the required IDE (Eclipse) on System.