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CS298 Proposal

Title: Web-Based IDE for Interfacing View Controller

Tejasvi Palvai (

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett

Committee Member:Robert Chun

Committee Member:


The main idea of this project is to develop a web based IDE that enables users to create XHTML pages using drag and drop mechanism in Struts. Struts extend Java Servlet API to encourage developers to adopt MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. I will be developing a web application for interfacing view and controller part of the MVC architecture. It connects the View and Controller components when the user drag and drop the elements in the UI of the IDE. With this project, users can create dynamic web pages without having any knowledge in XHTML or SQL queries. MVC is seen in web applications where the view is the XHTML generated by the app. Model-View-Controller is an Architecture pattern that isolates business logic from input and presentation. Model is the domain specific representation of the data upon which the application operates whereas view renders the model into a form suitable for interaction, typically a user interface element, Multiple views can exist for a single model for different purpose. Controller receives input and initiates a response by making calls on model objects.

This project will be built using Struts framework and JQuery JavaScript.

CS297 Results:

  • Struts demo application.
  • Performance testing of JavaScript frameworks.
  • Developed a file system for IDE.
  • Layout of Web based ide including the drag and drop functionality.

Proposed Schedule:

Week 1: Aug 25-Aug 31

Upload Cs298 proposal and discuss the agenda for the semester with Advisor.

Week 2: Sep 1-Sep 7

Develop the functionality to create new project, save and other features in Navigation bar.

Week 3: Sep 8-Sep 14

Setup the server to store newly created projects/files and access the existing ones.

Week 4-5: Sep 15-Sep 28

Develop the functionality to display the controller files when drag and dropped on it.

Week 6: Sep 29-Oct 5

Set up the database and create tables to store and manage the user created projects.

Week 7-9: Oct 6-Oct 26

Develop the functionality for interfacing the view and controller parts of MVC.

Week 10: Oct 27-Nov 2

Bug fixing and code cleaning/formatting.

Week 11: Nov3-Nov 9

Test the web-based ide application on different platform and perform the Error handling.

Week 12: Nov10-Nov 16

Work on CS 298 Report.

Week 13-14: Nov17-Nov 30

Submit the Cs298 report first draft

Week 15: Dec1-Dec 7

Complete draft report for committee review.

Week 16: Nov8-Dec 14

Final report submission and power point presentation slides.

Key Deliverables:

  • Software
    • Developing the drag and drop functionalities for the IDE elements.
    • Creating the database tables to store user created projects.
    • Developing the functionality to interface view controller.
    • Testing all the functionalities in the IDE.
  • Report
    • Detail description of application deliverables.
    • Final report and presentation.


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