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CS297 Proposal

One Social

Sowmya Sampath (


Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett


The growth of Facebook and Twitter has made companies like Yahoo and Microsoft add these two social networking websites as modules (applications) in their respective home pages. However in their home pages, they exist as two different applications and do not interact with each other. In other words, the Facebook streams and Twitter tweets are shown in two different views and users are required to update both these modules separately. There is currently no application that show both the Facebook streams and Twitter tweets in a single view. Users find it difficult to manage and maintain both these social networks together [Schawbel2008]. The goal of this project is to build a social website, called One Social, where user's can view their Facebook streams and Twitter tweets in one single view and thereby easily organize and maintain their updates.

In One Social, users can enter a status message and can share it with both their Facebook and Twitter connections in just one click. Moreover, all the Facebook and Twitter comments for a status update will be grouped (or threaded) together when we display them in One Social view, to improve user experience [Cronin2009]. They will also be able to set various preferences on status sharing. Users can create a single One Social ID and link both their Facebook and Twitter IDs to this One Social ID. Hence forth, logging on to One Social will log on the user to both these social networks. We will be using the REST API's provided by both Facebook and Twitter to view and update stream data. Their API specifications are documented in [Facebook2006] and [Twitter2008].


Week 1: Jan 26 - 31Learn Advanced PHP Programming, book - Core PHP Programming by Leon Atkinson and Zeev Surakshi
Week 2: Feb 1 - 7Learn to use CURL and XML Parsers in PHP
Week 3: Feb 8 - 14Get familiarized with Facebook Login/Auth API and write simple PHP application for user login
Week 4: Feb 15 - 21Get familiarized with Twitter API and write simple PHP application to login
Week 5: Feb 22 - 28Read basic data from Facebook and Twitter.
Week 6: Mar 1 - 7Add a basic front page login design on top of the php modules for Facebook and Twitter.
Week 7: Mar 8 - 14Get familiarized with Friend Connection Facebook API or FQL and write simple PHP application to get and update friends list
Week 8: Mar 15 - 21Setup apache and learn to write rewrite rules
Week 9: Mar 22 - 28Spring recess
Week 10: Mar 29 - Apr 4Design a simple Front End Login template and home page template
Week 11: Apr 5 - 11Update Twitter tweets from One Social
Week 12: Apr 12 - 18Update Twitter tweets from One Social - 2
Week 13: Apr 19 - 25Update Facebook Status from One Social
Week 14: Apr 26 - May 2Update Facebook Status from One Social - 2
Week 15: May 3 - May 9Submit First Draft of Report
Week 16: May 10 - May 16Final Report Submission


The full project will be done when CS298 is completed. The following will be done by the end of CS297:

1. Implement a Demo program in PHP to get the RSS feed from using CURL and display it and using XML parsers.

2. Develop a PHP module with Login front page of One Social to have both Facebook and Twitter Login and read stream data.

3. Design and implement login page and home page for data from both facebook and twitter in One Social.

4. Update Facebook Status from One Social

5. Update Twitter tweets from One Social


[Facebook2006] Facebook Platform APIs - - 2006

[Twitter2008] Twitter Platform APIs - - 2008

[Cronin2009] Crucial UI features of Networking Sites - - 2009

[Schawbel2008] Can you join too many networks? - - 2008