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Sowmya Sampath Bio

Born in Chennai, India, I came across best education and schools. I excelled in all stages of my schooling and passed my board exam with 94%. Computers have always been my passion right from the moment I got introduced to them. At early stages, I used to play video games and browse internet with utmost interest, and later, I started to learn ways to develop them. I have created few video games in C and C++. I have excelled in all the courses in my undergrad scoring 80%. Working in the corporate world kindled my passion for programming. I won the SPOT EXCELLENCE awards during my working days. I have worked in all stages of SDLC and delivered high quality products. Doing Masters in Computer Science was my aim and I am doing reasonably well with a GPA of 3.73. Studies apart, I love to spend time with friends and family and love to see new places around the world. I am grateful to my family and my husband for encouraging me at all times.