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Install Shore


Shore - a persistent object storage engine that supports creation of persistent files and records. Each object in Shore can be accessed using its global unique OID. Two-phase commit protocol is used among servers.If a transaction updates data from it's own server's database, transaction can be commit locally. Transaction rollback/abort or restart recovery algorithm are based on ARIES with variation extended for client/server architecture. Server that own the object will also create log records for the object and perform rollback/recovery. Client that cache the object will also generate log records for the object but will send log records back to server that owns the object. Shore supports log-based recovery based on ARIES mechanism

Natix - a native XML database management system - introduce the idea of subsidiary logging and annihilator undo. The motivation of these ideas is to reduce the log size by log only the composite update operation as one operation and annihilator undo skips undo operations implied by the annihilators. These ideas are logic and if success, will improve the performance for the recovery process.

Following is the installation screenshot (compilation of Shore) on Cygwin:

install shore

Installation Steps:

1. download Shore source code from

2. download and install cygwin from

3. download and install perl from or ActivePerl

4. download and install tcl from

5. install Visual C++ 6.0

6. Set PATH environment variables:

6a. Right click on My Computer -> properties -> Advanced -> Environment variables. Select PATH, click Edit. On the popup dialog, enter in the value field with: C:\Tcl\bin;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\bin; c:\cygwin\bin;c:\cygwin\lib;c:\perl\bin;c:\ActivePerl\Perl\bin; c:\Tcl\include;

6b. set INCLUDE variable to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\include

6c. set LIB variable to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\lib

6d. set MAKE_MODE system variable to UNIX

7. use winzip to unzip src-2.0.tar.gz into ./cs297/shore/src

8. Edit shore.def to set up Tcl path

9. open cygwin window, cd to c:/an/cs297/shore/src. At the command line, type make

10. After the build finish, type make intall at the commandline