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    [Deliverable 3: Detect Head Movement]

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    [CS 298 Report - PDF]

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Detect Head Movement

Detect head movement in the top-down or left-right direction.


Initially user's face region is detected. Points on face are tracked on the user's facial region to track the user's head movement. If the user moves the head in top-down direction, the tool displays the message on the top left corner of the window about the gesture that is detected.

Tracking Mechanism:

Initially, the facial region is identified with the help of Intel distributed frontal facial detector. Once the facial region is identified. The system uses Lucas-Kanade algorithm to track the special feature point on the face. The program currently tracking only one single feature point. That is the center of the facial region.

In order to execute the program kindly enter the following command from console:
  python ~LocationToFolder/


  1. Python 2.7
  2. OpenCV 3.0
  3. Face Detection Using haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml. File is distributed from Intel, kindly follow the license agreement before using and redistributing the file.

Download the Head Movement Detection python tool. -->
Head_Movement_Detection -ZIP