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Deliverable 1: Simple Python Plugin for Gedit tool

Toggle Content: Python Plugin for Gedit

Developed a python plugin to toggle content of the window. The plugin allows users to hide the content of the whole page and display it back.
The plugin is useful in situations when an unwanted person is trying to peep into the screen. In such situation, user could simply hide whole text written over Gedit so that unpleasant person might not be able to see the text and display it back when needed.

Functionality to hide/show the contents of the window could be achieved using the toolbar or pressing a certain key.
In order to hide/show the content using the tool-bar, user needs to select tools option from application window, in tools, user needs to select Toggle Content which has the option to hide/show content.

To better depict this, user follows the path mentioned in next line:
Tools->Toggle Content -> hide/show content

The Same functionality can be achieved using Keyboard as well, with the help of pressing command+alt+2 on Mac considering command is the primary key, similarly, on Windows or Linux, same could be achieved using the help of Ctrl+Alt+2, considering Ctrl is the primary key.

Download the simple Python Plugin to toggle content. Gedit Plugin Plugin-Toggle Content
Note: Click on here to download Deliverable1 zip forlder.