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Deliverable 2: A tool implemented in Python to Capture images using camera of Mac

Camera Capture Tool For Mac

Developed a tool to capture images using the integrated camera of Mac. The tool provides the flexibility to draw rectangles on the image. Moreover, it allows the user to remove all drawn rectangles at once or remove the last drawn rectangle. The tool also allows the user to save the image currently showing in the window. Further, it incorporates the ability to change the mode of the camera.

The tool provides several features using the keyboard shortcuts, which are as follows:
  1. 'c' or 'C': Pressing 'c' or 'C' provides the flexibility to change the mode of the camera. Like from black and white to colorful image.
  2. 's' or 'S': Pressing the key 's' or 'S' will save the image displaying on the window on user's desktop with the name "CCT" followed by current date and time of the capture of image.
  3. 'q' or 'Q' or ESC: Pressing 'q' or 'Q' or Esc key will help user to close the window.
  4. Pressing and Releasing Left Mouse Button: Pressing down the left click on the mouse will and releasing it at some other location will draw a rectangle shape on the image.
  5. 'l' or 'L': Pressing 'l' or 'L' will remove the last drawn rectangle. Pressing this key continuously will remove each rectangle one by one.
  6. 'r' or 'R': If user would like to remove all the rectangles at once, (s)he could press the key 'r' or 'R' and it will remove all the rectangles drawn on the window.
Tool Developed has following dependecies:
  1. OpenCV 3.x library is required in order to run the file.
  2. Numpy Library.
  3. Python 2.7 is needed.

The tool is tested on Mac machines only.

In order to test the tool, type the following command from terminal:
  python ~LocationToFolder/

Download the Camera Capture Tool. CameraCaptureTool-ZIP