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Getting started: Program to take screenshot, downscale the image and store it


It takes the human brain one-tenth of a second to process the information of an object seen by the human eye. This deliverable is a commencement of our objective of designing a model to simulate the decision making process of the brain.
In this deliverable we design a python program intended to take screenshots of a particular part of the screen, every one-tenth of a second, based on the coordinates defines. Then, it downscales the image and then stores it into a folder. The images are named according to the time their screenshot was taken.

About the program:
  1. Python Libraries Used: PIL ,pyautogui ,matplotlib.pyplot

Steps to make the program run:
  1. Download the program
  2. On your Terminal type: "pip install pyautogui", "pip install PIL"
  3. On your Terminal type: python