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Chris Pollett > Students > Vijeth Patil

Deliverable 3: Feeds

Description: Accessing user's bookmarks from and indexing into Yioop!

Obtaining Source Code: Download Source Code for this DeliciousArchiveBundle iterator from here

Accessing feeds from

  • In order to access a user's bookmarks from we need to use REST API provided by
  • All of the requests to access requests start with format
  • To get all the posts from a user, you must use the following curl request format:$ curl
  • The data returned by API is in xml format. Sample Data Returned from Delicious:

  • <posts tag="" total="7" user="vijethpatil">
    <post description="Earth-like planet found in 'habitable' zone" extended="" hash="dd02d11ef4635896194ba4cb198f1973" href="" private="no" shared="yes" tag="Earth nasa" time="2011-12-05T21:57:06Z"/>

Indexing data returned from into Yioop!

  • To index the XML data returned from API which contains the user's bookmarks an Iterator 'DeliciousArchiveBundleIterator'is written in PHP to iterate XML data and convert the data into a format indexable by Yioop!

Screenshot of a query result in Yioop! with feeds indexed