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Chris Pollett > Students > Vijeth Patil

Deliverable 1: Experiment with Accessing feeds, posts from Twitter

Description: A non-trivial twitter app to randomly access latest tweets from the twitter users and post random tweet among them into users profile. You can access the application here

Obtaining Source Code: Download Source Code for this twitter app from here

Building Twitter Application

  • To create a twitter application you need to sign into with your twitter username and password
  • Click on the "Create an app" link to create a new twitter application
  • In the next screen, Enter your application name, application description and your application's publicly accessible home page.( Can be changed later)
  • You can also provide Callback URL for your application, this is address where twitter would return the control after successfully authenticating.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of twitter and click on 'Create your Twitter application' button.

Running Twitter application ( sotweet )

1. Navigate your browser's URL to the twitter app available at


2. Click on Sign In with Twitter


3. Browser will redirect user to twitter login page to enter their username and password


4. User should enter his credentials and click on 'Authorize app' to continue further using the app and give the app permission to read and post tweets from your account.


5. Once user clicks on Authorize app, the user will be redirected to the twitter application.


6. User will see some of the tweets from the twitter in the app website and displays it on the screen.


7. Along with displaying on screen, the app will post few of the random tweets on your profile as your post